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  • The riboon blender is an efficient & versatile blending machine for the mixing of dry granuels and powder homogeneously.
  • Approximately two-third of the volume of the container of riboon blender is filled to ensure proper mixing.
  • The riboon blender gives the best result for the mixing of dry powder & granules due to the design and the shape of the mixing riboon and product container.
  • It can be used for pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, cosmetic product, etc.
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  • The shape of containers & mixing stirrer gives sufficient continuous movement to the powder/granules, result in good quality.
  • Maximum care has been taken to ensure the safe operation of the unit.
  • Inching facility for stirrer for the discharge of material.
  • Discharge height can be adjusted if confirm with an order.
  • The operating panel will be provided for the safe operation of the blender.
  • Dust proof top cover with the window will be provided.
  • Centrally located material discharge vave (butterfly/sliding gate valve).
  • It is available in both models like cGMP for pharmaceuticals as well as in standard for chemical plants.
  • As per cGMP, all the contact parts will be of ss 316 l and non-contact parts of ss 304.

The panel provided with the following facilities in 500 liters & a bigger model, while as d.o.l starter provided for the on-off operation of the motor in a small model.

  1. Three-phase indication facility.
  2. o.l starter for on / off operation of the motor.
  3. Emergency stop provided in the panel.
  4. Digital timer for batch timing setting.
  5. Ampere meter for an indication for the load on the motor.
  6. Inching push botton with selector switchs for intching operation during discharge of material.